Election Results for Partisan Primary: Election Results for Partisan Primary Democratic primary      7th Congressional district           Zucker - 142      Assembly 74th district          Meyers - 141      County DA          Lawton - 136      County Clerk          Divine - 80          Metzinger - 62      County Treasurer          Gallivants - 125          Korpela - 19      Register of Deeds          Hefner - 134Republican primary      7th Congressional district          Tiffany - 94     Assembly 74th district          Bolen - 89No candidates in other races.


Cans For Kids

Cans For Kids. Help support the Cable Rec Park by dropping off your aluminum cans in the bin between McKinney Realty and the old town garage. Kids are urged to look for cans and put them in the bin. Supervisor Merrill will periodically take the cans in for reimbursement. All proceeds will go to the park.